Civil Services


The civil division at Major Contracting provides clients with comprehensive site preparation, grading, excavating, underground utility services, and more. Our team guides clients through every step of the civil process – from pre-construction to final close out – ensuring a successful outcome.

Our skilled team of engineers, management teams, and skilled craftsmen have completed projects in commercial facilities, industrial facilities, small and large retail sectors, municipal buildings, and various other civil projects.

Major Contracting site utilities


Underground and utility work is a critical structural component of every construction project, and it involves installing and repairing sewer and water lines. Whether you need the excavation of your property for installing pipes, require the installation of temporary pipes to ensure fewer disruptions while your permanent lines are placed, or need a water main break addressed stat, Major Contracting Group has got you covered. While the underground & utility work may lack the wow factor of other steps in the process, no project is complete without it, which makes hiring the best in your best interest.

We’ll oversee storm sewer installation, sanitary sewer installation and repairs, water main repairs, and lead line service replacements.


Major Contracting road grading


Professional road grading is performed by highly skilled and experienced operators. This type of work generally involves using heavy equipment to level, smooth, and grade roads. Road grading is a critical part of maintaining safe and functional roads. A properly graded road will have a smooth surface that is free of potholes and other irregularities. This ensures that vehicles can travel safely at high speeds without experiencing any bumps or jolts that could cause an accident.

Grading also plays an important role in drainage. Roads must be graded so that water will run off them quickly and not pool on the surface, leading to dangerous driving conditions. Poor drainage can also cause long-term damage to roads by eroding away at their foundations.


Major Contracting water services


The final elements of site work are the drainage and water systems, which can make or break your project. The drainage systems installed at this point are used to move excess stormwater out of the construction area and prevent it from damaging the construction equipment used while protecting your project through its many stages of development. On the other hand, water systems are installed to pump out wastewater and move in clean water to support the project at hand.


Major Contracting water main


The installation of a water main is vital to the proper functioning of any plumbing system. Without a properly installed and functioning water main, homes and businesses in Michigan would not get the clean, fresh water it needs to function properly. Many factors go into the installation of a water main, and it is important to ensure that you hire a qualified and experienced professional to complete this stage of the process properly. Water main repair can also be daunting, but with a professional contracting team, who have the right tools and knowledge, it can be manageable. Our team will identify the problem and then map out a plan to repair the damage and prevent future problems.


Major Contracting site excavation


Sitework and excavation lay the groundwork for all the actual construction work you’re preparing to complete, making it some of the most important work. You can’t build the top-quality project you’ve envisioned without quality site work and excavation. While site work and excavation aren’t as glamorous as the unveiling of a completed project, it is the unsung hero of every fabulous unveiling, and at Major Contracting Group – serving Southeast Michigan, including the greater Detroit area – we pour our decades of experience and commitment to outstanding work into every site work and excavation project we take on.


Major Contracting asphalt


Asphalt is a major player in paving, and your asphalt must be right. At Major Contracting Group – serving Southeast Michigan, including the greater Detroit area – we’re proud of our reputation for supplying Southeast Michigan with high-quality asphalt work, and this is reflected in our focused commitment to the process and our exemplary asphalt products. If you have an asphalt job – no matter how large or small – we have the quality products, the experienced crew, the attention to detail, and the highly qualified design and planning team you’re looking for, and we welcome your inquiries. We can help with patchwork, shared-use paths, parking lots, and paving projects.