Concrete Services


We are proud to be one of the top commercial contractors in the nation, providing high-quality and dependable service on every project we work on. With the best technology, machinery, and team members in the industry, we can deliver superior results for our clients without compromising the safety of our crew.

We offer a wide range of concrete contracting services to meet the specific needs of your project. Each project is led by experienced management and supported by a team of qualified supervisors and skilled craft workers.

Major Contracting path repair

Path Repair

Citywide Concrete, Sidewalk Repair, and ADA Pedestrian Improvements are important infrastructure investments that improve the quality of life for all residents. Such projects can bring about significant aesthetic, economic, and social benefits to a community. They can also increase pedestrian safety and mobility, improve air quality, and reduce traffic congestion. Our team can help make the repairs needed that are durable and sustainable.


Major Contracting road paving and repair

Road Paving & Repair

At Major Contracting, our division focuses on road repair and helps fixes soil erosion issues for customers. Some of these fixes include replacing pipes, installing flexamat, edge drain, adding catch basins, replacing culverts, and other various work to mitigate areas where the soil has compromised the road, the side of the freeway or other critical areas. For most of our clients, road repair constitutes an emergency service they need, and we can act swiftly and diligently to mobilize the area and fix the situation.


Major Contracting sidewalks and driveways

Sidewalks & Driveways

Concrete sidewalks and driveways are a common sight in many neighborhoods. They are durable, easy to maintain, and offer various design options. While concrete is a strong material, it can crack over time due to weathering or ground movement. Cracks can also form if the concrete is improperly mixed or placed correctly. For professional sidewalk and driveway concrete services, look for a professional company like Major Contracting. We know how to install sidewalks and driveways and prevent damage properly.


Major Contracting curb installation

curb installation

Commercial curb installation is necessary for any business that wants to maintain a professional appearance. The level of customization and the need for precision means it’s important to find a company specializing in this type of work. This can ensure that the job is done right and looks great. Our team at Major Contracting knows what needs to be done, and will make sure every job is completed correctly and on time.