Trucking Services


If you have a construction job, it can’t get off the ground without trucks to bring in the supplies and equipment necessary to keep things moving. Trucking is an integral part of construction that helps to ensure the smooth flow of work from the first shovel full of dirt to the final reveal, and at Major Contracting Group, we take care of all our loyal customers and their trucking needs – regardless of how extensive or straightforward the project or its size. Your project’s schedule is critical to its overall success, and effective and efficient trucking will play a primary role in keeping things moving steadily forward.

One of the pillars of quality construction work is reliability, and the construction company handling your job is only as reliable as their fleet of trucks. At Major Contracting Group, we take trucking seriously, and in the process, we keep a tight focus on maintaining our rigs in top working condition, which includes implementing and enforcing regular maintenance schedules and safety checks. Trucks in the construction industry take a beating, and they need to be up to the task.

Our truckers are licensed and experienced professionals who take their jobs seriously and don’t cheat safety in their quest for efficiency. We put time and effort into hiring capable truck drivers who don’t cut corners when it comes to safety, and they are valuable and loyal members of our team. The best fleet in the business is only as productive and safe as its drivers, and we have some of the best in the business – with stellar driving records to prove it.

At Major Contracting, we have over thirty dump trucks to haul and support our excavation operation. We’ll broker out more truckers in addition to our fleet when needed.